Boost Your Immune System With Lifestyle and Diet Changes

Important Lifestyle changes that can boost your immunity

Recent pandemic has shown all of us what is most important in human life- a healthy and strong immune system. Due to COVID-19, more and more people have become aware of improving their overall lifestyle to boost immunity. Strong immunity is directly connected with the kind of lifestyle one lives. As per the health experts, there is a direct co-relation between lifestyle and immunity. While the internet is filled with numerous suggestions on building immunity here are some simple lifestyle changes that you can make that can have a lasting impact on your immunity:

  • Food for immunity power: The food that you intake has a direct impact on your immune system. Drop the habits of eating junk food, fizzy drinks, oily or over spicy food and avoid outside cooked food. Instead, eat simple home-cooked balanced meals. Fill up your snack cravings with fruits, dry fruits, etc. Introduce gut-cleaning items like probiotics, buttermilk, etc. Drink at least two litres of water through the day and keep your digestive system well hydrated.
  • Exercise for immunity building: Start with simple but effective workouts. It could be simple yoga, only warms, cardio exercises, Zumba or any dance form. Your regular household work is not counted as a workout. You need to set aside dedicated time for your exercises where your body can release stuck energies; activate your muscles and nervous system and boost your energy levels. Such a wholesome exercise experience is an immunity booster.
  • Sleep pattern: Body knows how to heal itself. It just needs the time to do that; sleeping is the time when the body can do this effectively. As we expose our body to different things physically and mentally through the day; it needs time to rest. It is important to sleep by 10 PM and wake up early. Get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep. Go to bed with positive and happy thoughts, so you have a good sleep. The body releases a protein called cytokines when the body is in sleep mode; which is responsible for fighting inflammation and infections.


With these changes, you will see the effect of lifestyle on your immunity and energy levels.

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