COVID-19 Response: Best Practice of Using Masks and Hand Hygiene

Let’s face it; none of us likes wearing the mask for a long period of time. In fact, many of us need to be reminded of using the masks regularly. Similarly, many of us forget to sanitise our hands or wash hands after touching any thing. But how many of us really follow this thoroughly! Using the masks and sanitiser there is a basic hygiene that needs to be followed so that you don’t leave any door open for the coronavirus to attack you. Following are best practices of using masks and hand hygiene:

  • Do not share masks: No matter how close you are to someone, do not share the mask for your and their safety. In India, especially it is common to see people sharing their towels, handkerchiefs and so on as a sign of love. The new symbol of love is not to share masks.
  • Alternating masks: When you are done using a mask for a period, make sure you put it back in its own bag until you can wash it and the bag. It is important not to expose yourself or anyone to the mask, especially if you have been outdoors. Depending on the kind of mask you are using, it could be safe to put it in a washing machine or simply clean it in hot water.
  • Repeating a mask: It is best to repeat a re-usable mask only after 2 to 3 days of washing. After 15 washes or so, throw away the mask as the cloth starts becoming loose and can let in the bacteria and viruses easily.
  • Carry your sanitisers: If you are commuting outdoors, then you must have your sanitiser. Not only will it make you independent for your safety but also helps you choose the one that is of good quality and skin-friendly. Develop a habit of using it as often as possible.
  • Sanitisers at targeted locations: It is important to keep sanitisers handy at locations like- on a table close to the entrance door, in the kitchen, on your work table, etc. Many times we may forget to clean our hands regularly, but when sanitisers are in your sight, you won’t forget! Clean the sanitiser bottle often, too.

Keep these basic practices in mind to ensure that your protective gears remain protective for a longer period. 

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