Safety Measures Check list when you stepping out in lockdown

Necessary safety tips in lockdown to follow

COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. With the number of cases constantly growing in India; it has become important to follow some of the necessary safety protocols as a part of your new lifestyle. While many cities and towns are opening up most are still at home; either way here are few essential safety tips from Corona you need to follow during this period:

Sanitise regularly: It is one of the essential Coronavirus safety measures. Regularly sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. If you are to go outside for commuting, then carry your own sanitizer and also wear hand gloves wherever possible. While indoors ensure that your doorknobs, handles, etc are sanitized daily as well.

 Mask it: A COVID measurement worldwide which is highly recommended is wearing a mask, especially one with at least 6 to 7 layers. Ensure to wear one, especially when you go out or are interacting with someone. It is good to keep a few masks with you when you are outside; so that you can change them when one gets sweaty. Wash these regularly with an anti-septic liquid-like Dettol. Never were someone else’s mask.

Don’t touch your face: Quit the habit of touching your face for any reason. Corona virus is said to spread easily with touch. So avoid touching your face frequently, especially if you are outside.

Keep the social distance: Social distancing is an essential COVID measurement that you have to maintain. Suggested distance is 5 feet. However, if you are in a public place like in market for some shopping, ensure that at least 2 feet of distance are maintained.

Boost your immunity: Develop healthy eating and exercising habits. Eat homemade food with fresh vegetables and fruits. Keep yourself hydrated. Exercise regularly at least for 30 minutes to boost your immunity. Drink spiced teas which are made with Indian herbs and spices at least once a day or even have turmeric milk.

With these 5 safety tips from Corona, you can easily avoid catching the infection and live healthily and happily.

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