Things to consider when buying a face mask during pandemic

Wearing a face mask is now a common sense until a vaccine for this global pandemic comes to the surface. In the age of over-information, it can become very confusing to understand the right face mask to buy, as every marketer is trying to outsell another. In such a tender situation where your health is at risk, it is important that you take advice and suggestion from the right sources that are medically sound. Without getting into the complexity of medical terminology, our health experts have put together key things to consider when buying face mask:


  • Covers nose and mouth: Your face mask should cover your nose and mouth both, not just mouth. Coronavirus transmits through the air, so your breathing must be filtered to avoid virus or bacteria to be expelled out.
  • Shouldn’t be too loose: Ensure that your mask isn’t too loose or too tight. If your mask is too loose, then the chances are that the virus can enter very easily through the tiniest gap. Hence, ensure it covers your lower face from chin to nose properly. Of course, it shouldn’t be too tight either causing you any trouble with your breathing.
  • Multi-layers: Ensure that you have multiple filters in the mask. Scientifically, it is recommended to have 6 layers which offers 99% protection against viruses and bacteria. If you choose the ones with 2-3 layers only then make sure it has space to insert a thin tissue paper. It is important to make sure to choose masks that are certified by International Quality Standards Certificates.
  • Washable: If you are buying the masks which are re-usable, then make sure that they are easy to wash. Usually, such masks should be discarded after 15 washes or so.


Keep in mind these simple things when buying face masks to keep you stay safe during the pandemic.  

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